Does as well much shampoo result in hair reduction?

Problem by Billy2468: Does also much shampoo cause hair decline?
Does using also considerably shampoo result in hair decline? I you should not think the follicles appreciates all individuals chemical compounds making an attempt to penetrate it. It truly is not what character intended. Is just employing a drinking water to rinse your hair and a minor conditioner suggested? I never assume hair requirements all that shampoo every day.

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Response by Briana
Clean your hair every single other day with shampoo and then use conditioner right after rinsing out the shampoo. If you need to have to clean your hair every day then repeat the process over. Also go away the conditioner in for a little even though lengthier, like although you wash your body or shave. And NO shampoo can NOT cause hair loss! Good luck!

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  1. no shampooing does NOT make you lose hair.
    In fact keeping your hair clean is best. That way you don’t get dirt, smoke/smog, ‘daily stuff’ built up in your hair…and most shampoos are NOT made with chemicals. (if you want something more ‘natural’ go to a salon and get something to shampoo with.) Conditioner is always good for your hair, but if you don’t wash it first, all you’re doing is making it ‘sticky’ for another days dirt….

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