Does bleach cease new hair from expanding?

Concern by Just: Does bleach end new hair from developing?
I have bleached my hair twice. My hair is teal, so I bleache the roots to include colour. My hair has thinned out a lot. I shed a good deal of it and straight from the root. I want to hold doin this, but is it detrimental my follicles so the hair will not arrive back? Or will new hairs expand back in? Also could it be my stress creating it tumble out? Or probably just the bleach? I dye each and every six months or so. What can I do to avert much more hair decline? I prob lose far more than 100, but I can’t notify for sure

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Response by Abbie
It really is not healthful to continually dye your hair or bleach your hair. I feel you should stop, due to the fact you can start off balding probably not now but as you get more mature, you will be individuals women with such small hair on their head,

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