Does excess weight loss enhance or get rid of excessive entire body/facial hair on girls?

Query by : Does weight reduction enhance or get rid of surplus physique/facial hair on women?
Im 21 and have coarse darkish hair on my experience, (chin, higher lip, jawline And so forth) which i preserve underneath control by plucking each day and bleaching each and every about three or 4 days, which is soreness entire and so time consuming! I also have dim thick hair all in excess of my tummy, legs, thighs, pubic region, chest, again and arms, which i just shave.
i have been tested for PCOS and i do not have it, my testosterone ranges are seemingly standard, when i questioned my physician about any approaches to take care of it, i was advised several ladies stay with this, and that basically i just require to package with it. I have spoke to my mother and aunts about this and they are all under the impression it will go away if i free excess weight. Im five foot ten, around 20/21 st, have an “apple” physique shape, and im a united kingdom dress dimension 24/26. As you can picture my visual appeal is currently regrettable ample with no the additional hairiness. im about to begin a diet/excersise routine but i just desired to know if there is anybody else who is in, or is aware of someone in this place. I would hate to find out in a a long time time when hopefully ill have missing the fat that it without a doubt does not influence the issue and i could have completed a thing else to deal with the hairiness a lengthy time in the past. i dont want to come to feel helpless any more! I am ruining my pores and skin by all the plucking and stabbing at myself, and making use of the bleach even if it stings my encounter and turns me uncooked crimson its greater than facing the entire world searching like a guy in drag.
P.S: i do not have the money for electrolysis and laser isnt an solution simply because i would not be capable to deal with not bleaching my hair between therapies.
thanks for studying!

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Response by James
Its not that poor , Currently being hairy is completely all-natural it utilized to take place to me alot but im living with it i come to feel negative sometimes but its daily life 🙂

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