Does got2b styling glue result in hair reduction?

Query by ScootScoot: Does got2b styling glue result in hair decline?
I use got2b styling glue and it holds my hair genuinely properly, it has no poor alcohols in it but does it result in hair loss? Serious solutions only…

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Answer by Sur La Mer
It’s not a sure or no solution, relies upon if you happen to be having medicines, dietary supplements, and many others. and HOW you’re styling your hair (heat & substances = hair’s worst enemies).
Yes, if you’re not washing them off your head, now & then, developing up.

Hair items are NOT produced of glue to correct, avert, reverse hair from obtaining damaged, or hair loss, or make them develop . . . . they are a trillion greenback business. They also do NOT give money back again guarantee for ruined hair or hair reduction triggered by heat & chemical compounds – hair’s worst enemies. • Hair goods may possibly assert one particular or more positive aspects, but typically they do not have scientific base.
“No hair solution can adjust the hair’s biology,” states Eric Bone, senior VP of world-wide investigation and innovation @ L’Oreal United states of america. “Items that ‘repair’ them are like glue utilised to place a damaged vase back again collectively. At the finish of the day, it’s nonetheless broke,” says skin doctor Paul J. McAndrews, MD, a clinical professor @ the College of Southern California School of Medicine. “Overall, products are a short term resolve, even though some can help avert injury. But your best bet is actually to quit harming hair, time period.”

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  1. Yes! I used the product for about 3 years and during that period I saw my hair begin to slowly fall out. The last year I used it was the worst–my stylist showed me how bad it was, the entire top half of my head had thinning hair. I stopped using the product and the rate of hair loss began to slow. My brother had the same experience. We thought it was an awesome product initially, but I rather have bad looking hair than no hair at all!

    The product works very well. A small amount of product holds your hair where you want, but that stuff accelerates hair loss! It’s dangerous. I think the FDA or someone should look into it.

    If you’ve used this product and experience hair loss, please share your experience so people will be aware of the dangers of this product.