Does hair gel cause hair reduction?

Question by Mark: Does hair gel result in hair loss?
Does hair gel result in hair decline? Does gels like Johnny B lead to hair loss? Does hairspray like Got2B freeze spray lead to hair reduction? What sorts of gels stop hair loss?

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Solution by Thumper
Only if the particular person transpires to be extremely allergic to the things. But that is unusual.

Logic follows that a hair gel organization would NOT set out a item that would cause hair loss!

I created that last part up myself. – Thumper

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  1. sunshiney

    That only happens when you use it excessively and don’t use any other to undo the damage.

  2. imbeinghonest

    if you put too much product in your hair of course your hair is gonna start falling but also gonna get dry

  3. Brighteyes

    I suppose excessive use of a really hard gel can cause hair loss…

    Reasons could be:
    The gel is put on so thick and so often that it clogs pores, and or prevents oxygen from reaching the scalp therefore disabling the hair follicle from being able to function
    The hair gel has such a high alcohol content that is dries out the hair strand.
    Combining dry hair with a brittle coating will make it more susceptible to breakage.

    If you must do the spiky hair daily, then combat it with ensuring you get all the gel out when washing, and use a leave in moisturizing conditioner.

    You do not need to use a clarifying shampoo everyday though. This will also dry the hair out.
    Just a simple moisturizing shampoo, or just rinsing out your hair with conditioner most of the time should do the trick.