does hair regrow with use of iron health supplements?

Concern by Soniabr: does hair regrow with use of iron dietary supplements?
I am a submit-menopausal woman with a lengthy expression extreme scenario of hair loss. I have checked my thyreoid and have been dealing with it to no avail. I guess tension is the offender. I read through that iron deficiency is 1 of the feasible culprits. Any individual experienced any knowledge with iron and hair regrowth? As for that matter, any suggestions about helping to regrow lengthy gone feminine hair?

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Biotin is advised for hair development.

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  1. Don’t simply guess at the cause of your hair loss. Iron is usually not the reason for most menopausal hair loss.

    If you are post menopausal the likely culprit is low estrogen and progesterone. You may not test low from a blood panel but it may be low enough for your body to start shedding hair. Also if there are other people in your family suffering from pattern hair loss, that will make you more likely to be susceptible to hair loss due to low estrogen or progesterone.

    A few very basic things will help. Take Evening Primrose Oil 1300mgs twice daily with food. If you want you can double that dosage with no potential for side effects. I would also recommend a natural progesterone cream with phytoestrogens. You can get these products at Whole Foods nearly anywhere in the US. This will be the primary platform to stop the loss.

    Once your hair loss has stopped, you can add other things like a good B-Complex vitamin and possibly over the counter minoxidil. What you are dealing with is very common. You simply need to methodically remove the possible reasons for loss.

    The most commons reason is hormonal change in females over the age of 35. Nutritional issues and stress are factors but less likely. You can eliminate the nutritional factors and stress issues with a good multivitamin high in B vits and Vit C. You can lower the stress issue with exercise and a good adaptogen vitamin that contains Ginseng, Resveratrol, and Alpha Lipoic Acid among others.