Does hair spray cause hair loss?

Concern by Anthony: Does hair spray cause hair reduction?
Each time i fix up my hair, i typically use hair spray. Does employing hair spray every day lead to hair decline?

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Response by Taran
I consider it can guide to most cancers but not hair decline. It is also negative for te atmosphere

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  1. AlizaRoxxs♄`

    idk but if you put to much hairspray in your hair it may cause itching way tooo much

  2. Hair spray can make hair stiff, sticky or too dry. When this happens, brushing or combing can sometimes make hair break off. Hair can look thin or even have bare patches.. Unlike baldness, this type of hair loss is not permanent because the follicles will continue to produce new hairs.

    Bottom Line

    Permanent baldness happens because of genetic factors. It is caused by an internal process. Applying hair products externally can create temporary hair loss or thinning but is not a source of permanent baldness.

  3. NO it does NOT…just remember to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove the build-up from hair spray that may clog your pours, decreasing your hairs ABILITY to grow.

  4. In short, no; as mentioned above permanent hair loss is caused mainly by genetic factors and/or other things like stress. If, however, you do experience some degree of permanent hair loss Bosley’s own hair restoration program harvests your remaining healthy, hair follicles and implants them into affected areas using microsurgery to create a new, healthy, natural hairline.

  5. Yes, it does. I speak from personal experience. I have never used it in my life but I used it 2 times for 2 different special occasions recently. Each time the stylist sprayed a ton of it in my hair and each time I washed and combed it afterward, a *HUGE* amount of hair out. That is completely abnormal for me because I lose very little hair normally.