does head and shoulders shampoo include substances to lead to hair reduction?

Question by .: does head and shoulders shampoo include elements to cause hair loss?
which shampoos lead to hair loss or thinning hair?

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Shampoos do not trigger your hair to drop out. I have provided an post from a hair dresser and one about hair myths.

I personally employed H&S for the duration of my teenage a long time to reduce back again on dandruff and oil. It labored extremely nicely. Now that I’m mature, I like Fructis.

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  1. ” I too have had that happen. I used Head & Shoulders for almost 8 years and my hair on top thinned out along with the rest of my hair, to the point I was going bald it seemed.

    Then I stopped using it and the thickness returned along the sides and back, but the top near the forehead and crown has still not recovered and was the most affected.

    I’ve heard of other stories as well of people losing hair to Head & Shoulders, including my barber (back in the 60s when they had an industrial strength formula for dandruff and his hair never grew back) and my ex-g/f’s dad started losing his hair because of it, but he only used it for 3 years and it eventually grew back over the course of a year or so.

    I suggest stopping use of the shampoo, or if you are using it daily, use it once a week instead like you would any other medical dandruff shampoo. Head & Shoulders is definitely not for daily use.”

    I pulled this from where you have many other cases like this, so its better if you have some dandruff and keep your hair 🙂

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