Does it sound like I have Alopecia?!?

Question by Marionna: Does it seem like I have Alopecia?!?
Does it seem like I have Alopecia?
I am 14 and two several years in the past a whole lot of my eye lashes fell out. They grew again totally typical. Than this year my eyebrows fell out! They have been gone for close to two months. They are not long gone totally but most of one particular and tthen not as undesirable for the other one particular. And a couple of weeks in the past a little place of hair on my head fell out.. I can come to feel it increasing back though. The dermatologist explained it really is a condition the place my immune program is practically “having a break” from increasing some sections of my hair, and it is typical for men and women who have A – matter dermatitis. He also stated especially it WASNT Alopecia. My dermatologist is a quite properly respected medical doctor, and I hope he’s appropriate. Aid?p.s. my hair does not drop out if I tug it about the bald spot. I tried out to see if the hair is slipping out about the place.. but only two hairs came out. I dont have those exclamation mark hairs. They discuss about. My eyebrows will not slide out anymore.. you can not pull them very easily either.

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Do not pull anything, that could make it even worse, and if you do have it don’t forget to continue to be correct to oneself:)

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