does making use of hair items like wax guide to permanent hair reduction?

Query by blackjaguar1979: does using hair goods like wax guide to long lasting hair decline?
or is it a mistaken perception? i use a extremely robust determine-it wax, it truly is like solid grease and i dont clean it at evening b4 sleeping, i am encountering too a lot of strides of hair decline, why?

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Solution by Guru-Moo
If you use as well much, and you dont wash your hair correctly every day, then indeed, I’m afriad it can lead to pemanent hair decline, and swamp infection in the bottom of your hair. But as lengthy as you dont use as well much, and clean your hair, you must be great 🙂

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  1. Shapely mom

    Anything unnatural , esp on hair leaves chemical residues- these residues block hair follicles, and dont let you have a healthy scalp.
    Wash it out at night, give the hair time to “breathe”.
    Theres also an oil that made my hair stronger and reduced hair loss- its used by geishas – on this health site
    Also longer- but I dont think you care for that haha

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