Does mane ‘n’ tail shampoo genuinely operate or does it trigger hair loss also?

Question by dhanu_shah: Does mane ‘n’ tail shampoo genuinely function or does it cause hair decline as well?
I am a 17 calendar year old woman and my hair employed to be so long and thick that it wouldn’t in shape into a normal sized hair tie, no joke, but now i am getting so much hair loss that any tiny rubber band can hold my hair into a pony tail. So, does the shampoo trigger hair loss or does it actually work to increase hair thick and lengthy? If I cease employing it, will my hair fall out once more?

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Solution by Eric R
Any hair reduction you may possibly be going through is possibly extremely significantly unrelated to the shampoo. I’ve employed it just before and I am 30 with a total head o’ hair.

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  1. Christieee

    i have alot of hair falling out like crazy lately but i used to use that 3 or 4 yrs ago & it worked really good. my friend told me about it and we both had thick, pretty hair.

  2. Carly Smith

    hmmm.. shampoo residue would cause irritation of the scalp and lead to hair loss. I suggest using generic baby shampoo instead. First apply olive oil to your scalp to remove the bacteria/sebum. Sleep with this on. In the morning use the baby shampoo to clean it off. Do this for about 7 days. Then there are a serious of techniques that you can use to grow back your hair naturally. Stop using mane ‘n’ tail, it’s not a good product. I’ll provide you with a link that will help you out. . It’s an eBook that will help you restore your scalp and grow back your hair.

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