Does much use of hair products such as hair gel or wax provide hair thinning or hair decline?

Query by jesse3659: Does considerably use of hair products these kinds of as hair gel or wax carry hair thinning or hair decline?
I’m just a regular asian guy who use to use numerous hair goods in my younger age.

I reduce my hair small now.

When i lower my hair short, it looks as if I have lost considerably hair. Ideally I am not likely bald. Plus, I am in substantial school.

I even now have hair just about everywhere, but it just seem to be as if I have lost some quantity of hair.

Furthermore, when i have felt my hair and with somebody else’s, my hair sensed little or thin.

Assist ME.

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Solution by Charlie
No hair gel does not cause hair reduction.

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  1. it depends on the quality of the products.
    usually it will make yr hair greasy and wearing too much might cause yr problem too.
    or it could be hereditary problems?
    get some hair tonic to stimulates hair growth.

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