Does not washing your hair cause hair reduction?

Concern by : Does not washing your hair cause hair loss?
I go working and will not wash my hair that typically, possibly two times a 7 days. Does all that grease result in loss? Many thanks in superior
I read that a chemical created, DHT or anything, demands to be cleaned out or the hair COULD appear out, which is why I’m listed here
hairbender, people stand currently being around me because I don’t judge people with gay tiny hissy fits.

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Answer by takezodestiny
No, and really showering with no even washing your hair often is common. I and many people I know let the normal oils sit in our hair until it last but not least commences to come to feel icky. Then we clean it I have listened to that the oils are amazing for hair.

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  1. Kaitlin Webber

    no,actaully the less you wash your hair is healthy because of the natural oils.hope this helped -kaitlin 🙂

  2. hairbender

    You wash your hair when it is dirty. I don’t understand why you would want to go for days without washing!! How do people stand being near you?

    Yes, you can cause blockage to the follicles, and hair loss may occur. Keeping clean is necessary to keep free of disease and skin disorders.

    There is absolutely no good reason why anyone would want to go around being dirty!! Just wash! Everyone will be glad you did.

  3. _Charlie_

    If you don’t wash your hair for maybe a month, the DHT will build up enough and may cause very little hair loss. Too see actual hair loss , you would have to stop washing your hair for years.

    Also since DHT is a by product of testosterone, this really only affects men.