Does putting gel in your hair for males lead to reduction of hair and male badness?

Query by Help2013: Does placing gel in your hair for males result in loss of hair and male badness?
idk due to the fact i feel like i am dropping hair in the entrance??

am i just pondering it??

explain to me if gel in your hair prospects to hair reduction or male baldness.

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Answer by Brown Sugar
hair gels are really drying to the hair. i never consider that it can lead to permanent baldness in males. that is normally cased by genetics

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  1. lipsparade

    The only thing that causes male baldness is genetics/ heredity. If it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen. No stopping it. If it’s not, nothing will “cause” it. Enjoy your hair while you have enough to put gel into.

  2. worthiest_of_mortals

    Baldness in only hereditary. So if your mom’s side of the family, your grandfather is bald, or if your father is bald, then you might inherit that. As far as gel is concern, see what kind of chemicals it has. normally, gel won’t do that unless you are using a brand with unnatural chemicals.

  3. Roxy Foxy P J

    Not not really it just hereditary from grand parents and parents!Has nothing to so with baldness!


    Baldness can be hereditary but it could also be caused by too much stress. Stress raises the levels of toxins in the human body causing hair damage or baldness, tooth decay, acne, among other things. Cheap hair gel, or hair gel that gets your hair as hard as cement can cause breakage but not baldness.