Does Revolution for cats result in hair decline?

Query by Eva: Does Revolution for cats lead to hair reduction?
I do not suggest hair reduction just at the application internet site I suggest a general thinning. I introduced my cat to the vet but no parasites ended up discovered and blood perform showed that her kidneys and many others ended up fantastic. Then I pointed out making use of Revolution and the vet explained that that may be the result in. Has any person seasoned this ahead of?? How extended does it last?

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Response by Connie S
it is not a standard reaction, but each and every cat is diverse.

Since it isn’t a normal factor, it will be challenging to inform you for certain how lengthy it will previous. Nevertheless revolution is a month-to-month product, so right after about 4 weeks it will have disappated from the kitty’s system. Will the hair decline stop prior to that ? could. I would definately be back at the vets if it ended up my cats and a) any other indicators appeared or b) if it didnt quit following the month was up.

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  1. Your cat may be having an allergic reaction to the Revolution; check with your vet about an alternative. Also, if your cat is a female and has been spayed she may need hormone replacement. I have an indoor cat that had similar symptoms but a once a week hormone pill has “cured” her!

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