Does Rubbing your hair make it expand or lead to hair decline?

Query by Eric: Does Rubbing your hair make it increase or result in hair decline?
My father mentioned it brought on hair decline but Each other article I go through said it promoted hair expansion or it did completely nothing. My father said balding resources told him that it thins hair when your massage your scalp. Hair stylist’s opinion’s necessary!

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Answer by Vanessa
I feel it does totally absolutely nothing or hair decline.
Hair reduction is the only point thats coming to brain right now.

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  1. YuNgGrAsShOpPeRsAmIsEn<3

    it actually stimulates your hair folicleee……..soo yeahh it promotes hair growth jest do it everydayy

  2. Punk Chik

    Excessive rubbing can damage your scalp, but unless you are scratching it with a vengeance it’s not going to cause your hair to fall out. It’s going to irritate your scalp and promote dandruff, but it’s shouldn’t fall out or promote growth. hope i helped

  3. **Eliana's Momma**

    VERY gentle massaging of the scalp for maybe 30sec-min during a warm shower stimulates the hair follicles. However I do not recommend doing this while your hair is dry because the hair is less “flexible” around your finger and is liable to be damaged. It does work. I am not a hair stylist but I do have very frickin long hair..=P Best of luck!

  4. It can promote hair growth if done the correct way.
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  5. Archangel86

    hey eric instead of rubbing through your hair, simply move your skin on your scalp in a circular motion, if you rub through your hairs you could risk accidentally pulling them out. Rubbing your scalp in a circular motion is many times more effective in stimulating blood flow and virtually zero risk of pulling any hair out.

    This treatment is not a miracle cure, but you may believe it is when you see the results. You will not regrow all of your hair overnight, this method requires several weeks before you see any significant change in your hair. Just keep at it, do this twice every day and before you know it your hair will be thicker, longer, and stronger.