Does seborrheic dermatitis trigger hair decline?

Question by sweetie: Does seborrheic dermatitis lead to hair decline?
Also, are there any confirmed organic treatments to control or rid of this problem? Any hurt in using those tar shampoos in excess of a long period of time? I am hesistant to do anything at all which will cause hair decline and am scared if I do not that the seborrheic dermatitis will alone result in hair reduction. I also have it on encounter now 🙁 Any sufferers know how to manage this?

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Go to a Skin doctor the quicker the far better

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  1. curiousaboutit

    it took my hair out about two years ago..but thank God it grew back..see a doctor..a

  2. bad guppy

    if you scratch and pick at it, yes, hair loss will occur. do you have a dermatologist? you can try stuff like t-gel products (shampoo, etc.), but you need a good dermatologist. good luck!

  3. well i dont know that is on your face but the other stuff can be treated w/ “Head and Shoulders” shampoo. You got dandruff and in severe cases it causes hair loss.

  4. nickboy333

    sorry dont know much about that but check this website :

    I moved to the states from Europe (to LA) , had the healthiest hair in the world, and somehow the environment there (hard water /pollution) made my scalp itch like crazy….I had never experienced this exept when I had lice when I was young…Dermatologist said I had psoriasis due to hard water and I had to install a water softener and everything…..I thinking about going back to EUROPE just because of that…hope u get better….try to live in a healthy place (nice mountain city with fresh water etc.) and you’ll be fine I tell u

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