Does shampoo lead to hair reduction?

Concern by Tony A: Does shampoo lead to hair reduction?
does using shampoo on your head lead to you to drop your hair

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Solution by bahar g
no its the conditioner.. get rid that evil bastard..

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  1. Luna Marie.

    Doubt it.
    If you’re talking about losing a little hair while in the shower, it’s normal. You lose roughly 50 to 100 hairs. Much more visible in the shower.

    If you’re pulling CHUNKS, I don’t mean strands, I mean CHUNKS, out, then something is not right.

  2. bronzediva

    Not usually. Usually with men, its an inherited trait. Check your mother’s father. The trait is passed through the female line.

  3. coolmask123

    yes, but not significantly, over decades, the hair buds in scalps will starting to deteriorate if the head is not washed throughly from shampooing, noticing most people are bold on the top of the head)where they apply the shampoo from) all in all i prefer applying shampoo from the sides and back of the head and work your way to the top
    hope this helps!

  4. Use a good one. Everyone loses some hair every day.