Does temporary coloring for gentlemen can trigger serious hair loss?

Concern by SsSsSsSs: Does short-term coloring for men can lead to critical hair reduction?
I’m thinking about coloring my hair as a twenty five year previous guys for beauty purposes. But i’m involved about, if coloring procedure would influence my hair quantity unfavorable in conditions of hair loss? And also I’ve heard it damages hair in some degree, but does it get recovered after new hair grows and the broken hair is lower off?

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Answer by Bosley
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Even though there is some relationship between dying one’s hair and a diploma of loss, it is usually only a short term issue. This is mostly thanks to hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and liquor amongst other chemical compounds that strip the hair of its natural oils and nutrition. Even so, as extended as you do not colour it way too usually and make sure you have a healthier scalp without any surface area irritations and rashes, then you should be fine all round.

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