Does the pantene line for females of shade peaceful and natural crack your hair off ?

Question by lynn: Does the pantene line for females of coloration comfortable and natural split your hair off ?
i have biracial hair and wished to begin employing the females of color line. I read some consumer testimonials and some grievances were hair decline, hair breakage. Can this truly take place ? Can somebody who makes use of pantene for girls of colour give me some opinions.

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Answer by kellyekell
I utilized to use it a extended time in the past and failed to like it. The conditioner did nothing to detangle my hair. But i have read very good factors about the mask they have. Everyone’s hair is various, so I recommend you try out and see how it functions on you.

There are heaps of other very good solution lines made for females of color. Cream of Character. Motions. Keracare. Cantu. Natural Root Stimulator. Elasta QP.

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  1. I don’t know about the color line specifically, but Pantene in general isn’t very good for your hair. I know that a lot of people think that that’s just something that their stylist tells them so that they’ll buy the more expensive salon product, but speaking from experience it’s true.

    Pantene contains a lot of silicone with builds up and coats your hair follicles in a waxy substance. This a problem because each strand of your hair has a shaft and a with feathered layers on the outside. The shaft of your hair is what absorbs moisture, hair dye, perm chemicals, and other product. The waxy build up smooths the layers over the shaft of the hair down and prevents the shaft from absorbing any of those things. So with pantene, not only is your hair resistant to colorings and perms but it is also harder to really moisturize your hair. This may be the reason you’ve heard reports of breakage. I found all of this out the hard way when I couldn’t figure out why every time I had my hair dyed it would only last for about a week. My stylist says that she would even recommend Suave products over Pantene. If I were you, I would look for another brand.