Does utilizing conditioner as well often cause hair reduction?

Issue by Answer Please: Does making use of conditioner way too usually lead to hair decline?
I know the repeated use of shampoo will result in hair loss but this brought the issue of what about conditioning? Does employing conditioner once (or two-three occasions a week) a working day also cause hair decline? Make sure you do not condition your opinions (not to be harsh >.<) but rather facts. Thanks! Greatest solution:

Reply by Chinson
This is not an impression…but conditioner helps make your hair shiny. I do not know what kind of hair you have but when I only use shampoo it tends to make my hair dry! If it will not to you then you obtained some fantastic hair. But it really is okay to use conditioner but not a whole lot. So states my hair dresser.

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  1. OliviaRose

    last year my sister’s hair fell out a little bit, like when she was in the shower and lying in bed.
    not alot, i mean it wasn’t horrible like it all fell out at the same time.
    But maybe when she brushed her hair, alot of hair came out onto the brush. More than usual.
    Well, she went to a salon, and they said it was because of the condition of her hair, and Shampoo that she is using.
    They said that it’s recommended that she take a shower/bath once every other day, and wash hair only once every other day. But they also recommended a olive oil leave in conditioner she could use on the day’s she doesn’t take a shower. Olive oil helps heal hair, if you have any damage as well, and helps strengthen your hair folicles.
    the end results were great, her hair hasn’t fell out since then.