Doyou feel Rogaine the hair grower is a bogus item?

Query by Ambrosio: Doyou think Rogaine the hair grower is a bogus solution?
I’m just employing it to grow hair on my crown head or together aspect my forehead but THAT exactly I maintain knowledge thinning in my hair.

Does the item not operate?

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Solution by Rebecca S
It can’t be that poor. It can be prescribed. I do not believe physicians would prescribe it for the sake of it. Assuming I am pondering of the very same point as you which is ‘Regaine’

What do you feel? Response below!

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  1. There are two products out there that are popular with men. They are Rogaine and Propecia. I’ll mention both since you’ll likely try them both. Propecia is by prescription only and is taken orally. Rogaine is topical and is applied to the scalp twice daily.

    Neither Rogaine nor Propecia is a quick fix for hair loss. They both need to be taken for long periods. It can take anywhere from 6 to 24 months to see initial results, and patients may need to take their chosen medication indefinitely.

    Rogaine is slightly more useful for retaining existing hair, while Propecia is said to be more effective at promoting new hair growth.

    What you need to remember is that without positive “results” the products could not be approved and marketed. The questions are: what are those results like, when do I start seeing results, how much is it going to cost me over time and am I prepared to take it over a life time?

    I took propecia for several months. Did it promote hair growth? Yes…..if you consider peach fuzz as hair growth. Peach fuzz are tiny white hairs that look like that fuzz on a peach. In that respect I found Propecia useless and a waste of money.

    You might respond differently but I doubt it and I suspect that after several months of taking either product you will just give up.

    Since Rogaine is considered more useful at retaining existing hair and since you are wanting to restore lost hair then Propecia would be the way to go.

    To satisfy yourself you need to try it for several months or up to 2 years to see if it is all worth it or you can talk to many men who have tried it and you may save yourself a bundle of money and frustration.

    In my opinion if Rogaine is so effective, The William Shatners and John Travoltas of the world would have millions of shares in the company instead of having to settle for a toupee.

    My suggestion: Make sure the thinning hair is not due to some biologic issue and if not, try to accept the thinning hair graciously and part of the hand you were dealt. Good luck whatever you decide to do.