Dyeing hair dim brown? and what transpires if it gets into cut skin?

Concern by bunchofpeoplesaccount: Dyeing hair darkish brown? and what takes place if it will get into minimize skin?
my mother acquired some 6 dim brown hair dye since she couldnt locate black and i was questioning how near to black would it search, its by PAON seven-8 essencerich. Its gonna be carried out on my white hair due to the fact i have alopecia areata and the regrown hair is white. Also since i just lately took some shots on my head what occurs if the dye goes into the open up pores and skin?

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absolutely nothing will happen that i know of…just contact the cust serv quantity on the box or recommendations and inquire them b/c every single product is different in addition u have alopecia so i dont really know

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