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Issue by Jessica H: Beauty Treatment?
What treatments are there for hair decline in women?
Request your medical doctor about minoxidil (the generic title for Rogaine.) This is in excess of-the-counter and obtainable in 2% and 5% concentrations. It truly is one thing of a nuisance to implement but it aids conserve hair and might even increase some. Propecia is a drug that assists gentlemen keep their hair but unfortunately has no use for females. Propecia is not secure for females of childbearing age and it just will not function for mature girls. This is regrettable but, for the second, this is the situation. Surgical processes like hair transplants can be beneficial for some ladies as properly as males to “fill in” thinned-out locations.


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Answer by SAMI
Hair decline is a approach of evolution, race, heridity,hormones,ageing,and well being.Medicines do not work.one)A lower carbohydrate high protein diet program,2)Limiting family with out using hormones,contraseptives,3)Hair root massage with luke warm olive oil,and four)Utilizing soapnut in place of shampoos are about the very best hope.

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  1. twoodshair

    what shampoo did you used to use? pantene is famous in the profession for wax buildup which can eventually build up in the area from where each hair grows, thus causing the hair to not grow back.
    loosing 80 – 100 hairs daily is normal. they grow back; unless there is something wrong.(like wax build up)

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