Employing rogaine to stop feasible hair decline?

Concern by John M: Employing rogaine to avoid possible hair decline?
I am sixteen now and I’m really paranoid about losing my hair in the future.

If I use rogaine now, will it be an effective prevention of hair loss in the future?


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Reply by Jill J
In attractiveness university they told us that Rogaine does not work. and This solution is know for if you quit using it you will get rid of the hair. I would absolutely make an appointment with a skin doctor they have perscription medication they can give you to help hold on to the hair that you previously have.

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  1. Provillus has been designed as a natural cure for those whose bodies have a lack of nutrients and vitamins which are essential for hair growth.

    It is a two-part treatment which uses a “topical solution” to prevent any further hair loss and “nutrient tablets” to help your body start regrowing your hair itself.

    Provillus wasn’t designed to help genetic baldness but it is very effective in the most common form of hair loss – where your body doesn’t have the right nutrients to keep hair growing healthily.

    As far as I know – it’s impossible to know for sure what type of hair loss you have (genetic or otherwise) so if I were you, I’d just get some sort of natural treatment and try it out for a few months BEFORE the condition gets much worse.

    If it don’t work, then you know you’re probably dealing with genes 🙂

    You can see what other customers though of Provillus with this report about it: http://www.regrowreport.com/provillus-review.html

    hope this helps?