encountering excessive hair reduction! aid!?

Issue by Gen [<3 my animals]: enduring abnormal hair decline! support!?
I have a pair other troubles as well. I have often sweat way a lot more than typical, particularly in my confront. I have usually been pressured, I have aspergers/melancholy mixture as nicely.

Even so, I get biotin, try to eat properly, workout, meditate, consume lots of water, rarely ever drink alcohol (if i do I only have one drink at a time, i by no means binge, a great deal of ladies have been consuming considering that substantial school and i have drank alcohol a fraction of occasions when compared to a vast majority of people),… i try to rest right, just take vitamins, and I Not often use heat on my hair and when i do i have a warmth protector. I have never even utilized a curling iron. Also if I place item in my hair it arrives out in clumps. I have been having troubles attempting to exercise hairstyles, i have no idea what i am doing so i would truly like this difficulty set so i can start working towards.

I am not positive why I am encountering these kinds of extraordinary hair reduction. I have been trying to encompass myself with good items and people, have manufactured constructive changes, and I get very good treatment of myself.
would a zinc dietary supplement be helpful?
i lately grew to become vegetarian but still get all of my foodstuff teams. is there anything further i could be performing with that as well? must i be having an omega 3?

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See your medical doctor it may possibly be a zinc deficiency.

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  1. If your hair is only falling out when you use products on it, you might be allergic to the products you are using. See what you can do without using products. There are quite a few hairstyles that you can do without products.
    Curling your hair should not cause it to fall out- that would be ok to do.

    You might want to go to the doctor and see what they say about it. In my opinion, I think it is the products you are using on your hair.

  2. Thyroid disease can cause hair loss like you are describing. I went to the doctor because I was tired and she asked me if my hair was falling out and I said yes and we did blood work and I have hypothyroidism. I started taking the thyroid treatment and hair actually started growing back. I was also on a depression medication and one side affect that I experienced with it was sweating. I think it was lexapro.