Expecting with alopecia areata?

Question by : Pregnant with alopecia areata?
Hey fellas!! Has anybody out there had alopecia areata prior to being pregnant? How was it afflicted by the pregnancy? My bald location is increasing back again (thank GOD), but I listened to it can tumble out again.. or get even worse!! Many thanks =D

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Answer by Melissa H
I have experienced alopecia given that I was eleven months aged (I am now 27). You will always have the possibility of the hair slipping out again but there is also the likelihood that it will in no way drop out. Alopecia is extremely unpredictable. You will find something in our genes that provides our white blood cells the idea to attack hair follicles. And there is generally one thing that triggers the reaction to start. In my situation, it was receiving tubes place in my ears at 11months outdated. The anxiety from the surgical treatment triggered my hair to fall out. Hormones engage in a huge element in alopecia so it is quite widespread for expecting females to get rid of their hair. It could tumble out again, or it might not. Possibly way, there are considerably even worse factors than having no hair. 🙂

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