Hi, Great results. Could you email the info on how to or post here?? Thanks

  2. Toufique khan

    Holla! Have you heard about an info site on hair loss called – Basup Soft
    Hair Growth Tips (google it)? There are some amazing free hair loss tips
    and my mate got great advice from it.

  3. H E R STYLE

    Amazing! What products did you use to get your edges to grow back? I
    recently did the big chop so my hair can grow back even and thicker! I have
    weak edges and clueless on what products to use so it can all grow together.

  4. juicybrooklyn23

    im so happy for you. your hair look awesome. i got to try your routine.

  5. Steven Roland

    congratulations on your hair growth!!!! Im subscribed to your channel, have
    liked the fb page( my name is Steven Roland if you’d like to look me up),
    and subscribed to the curls infinity site. I am about to purchase the Scalp
    Revival and the Black Tea Mega Spritz. As i said in a comment on another
    video of yours, please view my Afro/Dread Journey video to see my hair now
    and feel free to leave any comments or tips. THANKS! SUBSCRIBE TO ME = )

  6. learningtoluvme74

    yes maam until i have none left i use it three times a week i might change
    it to everynight is that ok

  7. mscrownofglory

    @learningtoluvme74 yes that’s great, the more you use it the better… I
    use it twice a day.,,lol

  8. mscrownofglory

    I actually started creating my own products because at the time I did not
    feel like natural hair products catered to “hair loss” only texture. More
    people were concerned about how their curls looked.. So I began to research
    natural remedies and began using various herbs to regrow my hair and so far
    so good 🙂

  9. can you send me a link to how you mix your products and where you purchase
    them i have alapecia in my crown and edges and i cant seem to get anything
    to work. i would have emailed you but i see a few diffrent emails so Lol
    please contact me. thanks!

  10. mscrownofglory

    @junekay Hey, I am going to send you a inbox message and go over what I use
    and the routine that I’ve been doing for the last year or so. It’s not very
    difficult. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like… 🙂

  11. mscrownofglory

    @learningtoluvme74 It will… it just takes time… are you using the oil?

  12. learningtoluvme74

    im so excited can’t wait for my hair to be full and healthy:)

  13. mscrownofglory

    @juicybrooklyn23 Yes, herbs work…as long as you are consistent you will
    definitely see some progress… holler at me if you want more info on what
    I’ve used