eyelashes fallin out?

Query by Lizza Harriss: eyelashes fallin out?
my eyelashes are continually fallin out and gettin in my eyes typically (causin me to haveta go to the restroom to get it out). if i just frivolously pull on my eyelashes, two or three will occur off and i cant even dress in mascara any more due to the fact its this kind of an concern(i stopped donning any six months back and this began well before i began wearin any). i try to eat correctly and i exercise routinely, so its not somethin that hasta do with my life-style. what is happenin?

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Reply by Mikayla
Healthcare Circumstances
#1 : A thyroid situation
#2 : Alopecia Areata
#three : Blepharitis

– your eyelashes in a natural way drop out to permit new ones develop. Healthy ones change weak types. If your eyelashes grow again at a regular tempo, you most likely have absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

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