Female bald spot treatments?

Question by : Woman bald spot therapies?
I am eighteen years old so I’m attempting to correct this ASAP! I employed to have thicker hair, but from dyeing and straightening its just alot thinner. The back leading of my head is virtually bald, just has a tiny piece of hair to protect it. The past yr I have not dyed it, and hardly use warmth on it at all but it nonetheless doesn’t develop back again. I’ve also took biotin but have gotten no promising results. I want to thicken my hair but a lot more importantly get rid of that awful bald location! Does any person have any suggestions for me?

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I will not know what you have seemed up on the web or what you are willing to pay, but right here is a site for hair loss treatment method in women:


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  1. To cover the spot, try the Raquel Human Hair Top piece or Raquel Human Hair Bang. It looks very natural, and I use it every day. It is important that you get the colour right so it matches with the rest of your hair. Unless you’re going for a more trendy look and actually want it to have slight colour differences.

    My best advice… Make piece with it and invest in a good hairpiece like this one.

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