For Normal Hair Reduction Treatments – Provillus or Procerin?

Issue by Kira S: For Organic Hair Loss Therapies – Provillus or Procerin?
Which is better for re-increasing hair?
Provillus or Procerin?
Many thanks.

Ponder if both one works on the frontal thinning hair line, and not just the crown of the head like most other medications on the marketplace.

Greatest solution:

Reply by Shelly
it will cover all of your head your dront hair line and plus crown
Hair Re Progress For Gentlemen & Females
If you are hunting for a secure, normal resolution to re-increasing (and trying to keep) hair, then Provillus is what your looking for.
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  1. nicolaas t

    I started using this product less than a month ago and have seen hair growing back on the top of my head already!!!

    Given that I’m in my 40’s , I think it is remarkable!

    Did start eating a bit more healthy though as well.

  2. Doing research they both look similar to me in that they are natural nutrient rich products to help get the rebalance in you body of the vital nutrients to aid hair regrowth.

    One major thing is they are not drugs, both natural I believe.

    Of the testimonials I found Provillus looks the most promising, giving regrowth all over the head.

    I also found the below site that offers 2 months free.

    Hope that helps

  3. Hey there,

    My mom uses Provillus and really pleased with it.
    I copied this from their site,check out the link in the “source box”

    Keep healthy, shiny hair all your life! Provillus™ Hair Loss Treatment for Women not only helps you keep the hair you have, it also provides the nutritional support you need to maintain optimum hair growth and normal follicle function—so you feel good and look great—that’s the Provillus™ Difference!

    Good luck!