For those who get Metformin, do you expertise hair loss?

Concern by Abigail: For these who consider Metformin, do you knowledge hair reduction?
I have PCOS and a single of the signs and symptoms is alopecia (hair loss). When I began taking Metformin, my hair is slipping out even more. I tried to appear up this med’s facet-outcomes but hair decline is not one particular of them.

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Reply by Stephanie
Thyroid, absence of iron.

Iron deficency test: Go to the mirror and pull your reduce eyelid and see if the shade is purple or flesh color. If its flesh coloured you are lacking ample iron and must consider a herbal iron like Floradix. It will consider a month to see a difference. Iron carrys oxygen in your blood and if you dont have it you will come to feel tired, chilly hands and feet, head aches, RLS, boring brittle hair, brittle nails, very poor slumber, pale skin (see via), shortness of breath, tiredness, inadequate focus, lower mood, ringing in the ears, irregular coronary heart beats, cracks in the corner of the mouth, dizziness, fainting, sore tongue and canker sores. Incorporate b12 and folic acid for very best benefits.

Read You Are What You Try to eat by Gillian Mc Keith if you want to get over this issue.

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