gastric bypass, hair reduction, sore scalp?

Concern by thanksbeezy!: gastric bypass, hair decline, sore scalp?
ok, i had gastric bypass 4 months in the past and have dropped 80 lbs!
I am really satisfied with my determination.

One particular point that bothers me even though is the hair reduction.
Any individual know any items I can use to make it expand back more quickly?
I consider and get in my protein but I just cant.

my scalp is very really sore!
Is this simply because the hair loss?
I dont wear my hair pulled again or restricted. I dont shade my hair and havent started out any new goods on it.
What else can this be??
My scalp is not dry or dandruff-y. I havent noticed any sores. It just feels like somebody pulled my hair genuinely difficult! I have observed it for the past few of weeks 🙁

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!! have a great working day!!!

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Solution by mustangsally76
There is totally practically nothing you can do about the hair loss. It has minor to do with protien. The anesthesia from the medical procedures leads to the hair follicles to essentially freeze for One 12 months. Following 1 yr, they will begin making hair once more. You can rely on getting rid of about fifty% of the thickness of your hair.

Ys, you scalp is sore simply because the follicles are shut down. You need to use a very good moisturizing shampoo and anti breakage merchandise to aid maintain the hair you have. I reccommend Pureology products.

I had Gastric Bypass in OCt 2007. I missing fifty% of my hair mass. After twelve months, BAM, it all arrived back! Your surgeon ought to have produced you informed fo the hair loss. It is quite, really regular.

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