Gave my cat Frontline and now he is shedding far more hair?

Question by Gina: Gave my cat Frontline and now he is dropping a lot more hair?
Hi there, so I took my cat to the vet since of one more allergic reaction to fleas. He loses a lot of hair with even just a single bite from a flea so we obtained him Frontline and they gave him a shot for the allergy symptoms. Well, I set the Frontline on him a few months in the past and he has currently missing the hair where I place it and he is getting rid of much more hair around his butt area and sides. Could he perhaps be allergic to frontline also or is this just normal until finally the hair grows again? Thank you in advance! 🙂

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Alopecia and Cat Fleas

Flea dermatitis can trigger cat alopecia. This is an allergy to the saliva from flea bites. It triggers modest, crusty purple bumps, hair loss, and intense itching. Because of the serious itching, your cat might harm his skin and build a secondary bacterial infection. Your cat must be taken care of for fleas, and his setting have to be handled for fleas as nicely. If he has a bacterial an infection, that will be dealt with with antibiotics.

The hair decline for flea-chunk hypersensitivity is generally in the again fifty percent of your cat and locations exactly where your cat cannot easily achieve.

Remedy for cat getting rid of hair owing to this problem includes the use of flea elimination/prevention merchandise such as Entrance line Plus for Cats , prescription medicines such as glucocorticoids and antihistamines to support with itch. You may well also want to complement the diet program with Omega three, six, 9 fatty acid Caps which are excellent for the skin.

Be sure to inform your vet of alterations or no enhancements so your cat can get greater

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