Girls would you day a dude thathas alopecia?

Concern by : Ladies would you day a male thathas alopecia?
Would you date a man that experienced alopecia? For individuals that do not know it is hair reduction, if it really is in a male it just seems to be like he shaves his head and he doesn’t have considerably physique hair though it does result in types pores and skin to appear kinda pale. I have dated a man with this before that was a really nicely appreciated male and handled me well. I am just curious if any individual else has dated a guy with this and would you day one particular if he had a very good character?

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Answer by Rebecca1023
it would get a whole lot for me to day a bald dude (with or withour alopecia). but that’s me. it’s a feel factor, i like the way hair feels and to operate my fingers threw it.

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