Great advices, guidelines on lowering or stopping hair reduction?

Issue by vetal_2007: Great advices, ideas on lowering or stopping hair reduction?
Great advices, ideas on lowering or halting hair decline? I am only 22 and I just lately commenced dropping a whole lot of hair on my head. I require some advices and suggestions how to reduce the hair decline or cease it. Many thanks.

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Solution by catsoda
It could just happen no subject what you do… sorry. Have other men in your loved ones misplaced their hair at a younger age? It may be genetic.
Men lose the hair on their head due to the fact of enhanced testosterone- so you could usually use that justification 🙂
Not sure if this would assist you (I am female), but I obtained my hair searching more healthy and to cease falling out so much when I just minimize it brief, took a very good multivitamin & ate flaxseed, salmon & drank much more h2o. Massaging my head with Jojoba oil appeared to aid, and decreasing pressure absolutely contributed. It really is taken a sound year. Occasionally, however, you can’t do anything to adjust your hormones.

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  1. hairbender

    The first thing to do is look to see what you are doing to to your hair and scalp. What products are you using? Some things that you think are very innocent can contain ingredients that are harmful to you. Don’t always trust that because they are “safe” to be sold, therefore they should be good for you! Not so!!

    There are a lot of things that young people do which are downright wrong and bad for them. But they know everything! hahaha

    The other thing is that you are at the age where hormones are doing their thing. One of the things about “being a man” and having all that testosterone running through you is that it causes your hair to fall out. Sad, but true. There is a product produced by your body which actually causes your hair to stop growing. In the normal cycle, the hair stops growing after about 4-7 years, rests a short time, and a new hair grows again in its place. However, if you have too much of the side product (androgens) from testosterone, it causes your hair follicle to rest forever.

    One thing studies have shown is you need to keep your scalp very clean. Again, a good plain shampoo, without any fancy expensive ingredients — they can add to the problem. Check your general health as well; sometimes your hair and skin is the first sign of some imbalance in your body. Good circulation is necessary, so exercise, massage, good food all play a part.

    As long as you are healthy, and everything is working well, then nothing to worry about. Some men just start losing their hair about 20, and there isn’t much you can do about it. It started many years ago. Enjoy who you are. I’m told that some women find bald very sexy! You may like it yet!

  2. tomorjerry

    Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily and have a high protein diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Since iron-deficiency anemia can also cause hair loss,make sure that you eat a well-balanced diet that includes a daily serving or two of iron-rich foods. Check out for more info.