Greatest item to treat hair reduction in men?

Problem by Leyna: Best item to cure hair reduction in gentlemen?
My brother is in his early 30s, and in the previous number of years his hair has grow to be thinner, and a great deal of his hair has been falling off. From your expertise, what would you advise as the product now to cure hair decline in males. Thank you for your answers.

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Solution by Mandy
My ex-boyfriend had difficulty with losing his hair early. He used Rogaine and it worked excellent.

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  1. bandit_60

    if he,s turning bald in spots then i recommend him to shave his head. it would look better then having bald spots.look around. there are several guys that shave their head.

  2. Hi, my dad is 40 something and hes been mostly bald for the past 22 years until we found this really cool product that works. Recently he had a class reunion coming up and he wanted to try to grow some hair back so he tried Provillus. It worked really great and nobody he went to school with ever knew he had hair loss! You cs go to their website and take a look at it for yourself. Hope this helps and good luck.

  3. You can aid in preventing more hair loss and, maybe, even grow some back by doing the following.

    1. Keep healthy. Good diet and exercise increases blood circulation which is important.

    2. Stop hurting your hair. Don’t use harsh shampoos/conditioners and less blowdrying.

    3. Reduce stress and anxiety. For obvious reasons.

    4. Use topical treatments like essential oils and herbs.

    5. Use medical products like Provillus or Rogaine.

    6. Start now and Don’t Give Up.

  4. beautychris1980

    Generally speaking a male has more chances to become baldness. I would recommend your brother check with doctor for any information about his condition. If your brother are looking for OTC hair loss products, he may visit the link at the source column. The website review more than 30 hair loss products on the market.


    1. Quit or cut back on smoking, caffeine and carbonated sodas which weaken the body and block maximum hair growing potential.
    2. Eat a healthy diet. Avoid foods that are high in sugar or fat.
    3. Avoid use of hot water, hot blow dryers or other hair care tools that may stress the hair.
    4. Have a weekly scalp massage to provide stimulation to the hair follicles.
    5. Do a series of ongoing hot oil treatments to protect the hair’s shaft.
    6. Have regular trims to eliminate split ends and allow the hair to look and feel healthier.
    7. Get plenty of rest and sleep to allow your body to grow hair.
    8. Massaging your scalp several times a day improves the blood circulation in your scalp area. As a direct result, the improved blood flow in the scalp area helps the transfer of oxygen and other growth promoting nutrients to the hair follicles. This will directly help you achieve healthier and thicker hair volume.

    Use this free FDA approved product–

  6. Firstly make sure he is following a healthy diet as poor nutrition is often a factor in hair loss as is stress, but if you are looking for a treatment, check out this site the products helped me, could do the same for your brother,
    good luck

  7. Bio-SYNERGY

    Tip 1 – Use herbs like Saw palmetto

    Do you know that there are many herbs such as Saw palmetto and nettle roots that you should use to treat aloepica? These are natural DHT blockers that can hinder the development of dihydrotestosterone which eventually leads to hair loss.

    Tip 2 – Increase intake of vitamins and minerals

    Another way stimulate more hair volume is to ensure you have the necessary nutrients such as Vitamin B, E and minerals such as copper, magnesium and zinc. These vitamins and minerals can help you to increase hair growth and curtain further hair losses.

    If these don’t work, check out the website below in the source box. There is currently a program where you can get a FREE trial of the product. No obligations whatsoever.

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