Guys: fringe/bangs not looking like a staight line?

Query by Gerry: Males: fringe/bangs not searching like a staight line?
Hello, I am a 23-yo guy.

Until not too long ago, I just didn’t care about my hairstyle, but now I do.

Most of the time, my fringe/bangs just end up seeking like a straight line.
If I try ruffle it up with my hand, it shortly goes back to the unique type.
I search like a medieval monk.

Previous week I began using my mother’s hairspray to make it seem a little bit messed up.

Nonetheless, I do not know if which is the ideal I can do.
(I’m very anxious with hair reduction and that stuff, and my mom’s hairspray is for dyed hair…).

I’m not going to use gel, since I am not searching for exaggerated factors.

Thank you!

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Reply by Steve
The bangs/ fringe ended up almost certainly lower as a straight line. Get it lower the way you want to dress in it and this will not be an problem. Hair styling goods do not trigger hair decline. Hair decline is controlled by genetically inherited DNA.
Excellent Luck!

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