Hair aid? Roots and bald spots! Alopecia Areata?

Question by : Hair support? Roots and bald spots! Alopecia Areata?
I am 13 nearly fourteen and when i was in 12 months 5 my genetic alopecia areata kicked in making me practically bald on the prime of my head. my hair has acquired thicker but i have some bald places all across my head and at the entrance when i do any partings there are often bald spots. at the roots of my hair is genuinely truly slim and i am embarassed because all my pals have wonderful thick, lengthy hair. i have been advised my hair cant develop more time than shoulder size and that it will by no means be thick. i just want my roots/partings to appear thick and enable me to dress in any hairstyle with self-assurance relatively than performing a terrible hairstyle just to protect up my slender roots and bald spots. you should any home remedies or something i can get not as well pricey. any assist would be appreciated. p.s i’ve experimented with thickening shampoo conditioner and i have dyed my hair so the ends of my hair feel like straw and i have hundreds of split ends.

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If it is genuinely alopecia areata and not a self analysis you need to see a skin doctor. There are treatment options available.

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