Hair decline and faux hair?

Question by Somebody Like You: Hair decline and bogus hair?
Hello, for the earlier numerous years I have been possessing serious hair loss because of to a continual ailment that I have. As any of you can picture, for a females to drop her hair just before thirty is entirely terrifying, not to point out embarrassing. Thankfully I have not dropped all of it and it is just thinner. Even so, lately I have been commencing to think you can see my scalp. My hair utilised to be one of much better functions so that is why this scares me so significantly. Can any of you tell me if salons have a remedies where they can place fake hair on to your scalp? It would be type of like extensions, besides it would thicken the hair also. Any data on this would be beneficial if it even exists. Thanks to everybody who answers.

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Solution by lolzz
im no professional, but im quite positive that you entire world be capable to attatch a wig or even extentions to the hair you at present have 🙂

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