Hair Decline at age sixteen?

Issue by Xxunkn0wnxX: Hair Reduction at age sixteen?
In june of this 12 months i misplaced a patch of hair about the dimension of a quarter in the back of my head. The doctor informed me i experienced alopecia areata. Lately i have begun to “shed?” alot of hair in other components of the head, and i have seen that my scalp is much more noticeable in a tiny element of my head.

btw i have thick hair

Cant it be androgenic alopecia?
Vitamin b defficiency?
everything rare?

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Reply by Jay S
Indeed, it could be androgenic alopecia. The two varieties of alopecia are manufactured noticeably worse by fatty diet programs, in accordance to new research on why Asian males do not go bald as usually as guys who eat Western diets. Saturated excess fat is the even worse, hamburgers, butter, french fries, fried hen, and so forth.

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