Hair decline from highlights…assist?

Question by ocean_scoop: Hair loss from highlights…support?
I’ve experienced my hair professionally highlighted for about a yr now, but seen that this summer season I started out having some hair reduction. Experienced my hair highlighted again about a thirty day period in the past and noticed about a 7 days later that scads of hair was coming out from all more than my head. It really is nevertheless coming out. What happened? Can anyone aid me to end this just before I lose it all? I am trying not to stress.

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consume a good deal of Walnuts!!!!!

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  1. hmariehmarie

    the same happened to me. It is damaged hair breaking off. When you get highlights they go over the same parts over and over so it’s very damaging. You need a good leave in treatment. Also do a mayo treatment. cover your dry hair in mayo real mayo put a grocers bag around it and sleep on it. Wash it out VERY well and don’t put the mayo on your roots as it will make it greasy.

  2. Health Advisor

    Hey There, Sorry to hear about your scary hair loss problem. 🙁

    I have a little advice for you, I know that some herbal remedies can help moisturize your scalp and relieve hair loss. Here are a couple tips:

    Make an herbal cocktail, of Rosemary, Sage, Nettle and Burdock. Boil them together, strain off the leaves, and wash the hair with the solution every day.

    Jojoba Oil has been widely used in Mexico for hundreds of years, it is massaged on the scalp, and many claim it is highly effective in stimulating new hair growth.

    Hope this helps,

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