Hair decline goods for my bf?

Concern by Vicky: Hair loss goods for my bf?
My boyfriend is actually starting to worry about becoming bald in the potential. lol He is nearly twenty and just genuinely paranoid about it. His dad told him that he was starting up to reduction some of his hair. He just would like something that will dely it for correct now, does any person know of any products he could use?

I presently advised him about rogaine but he wishes something in his value variety for appropriate now. Any other merchandise that aren’t as expensive? What items worked for you fellas?

lol for the long term I instructed him there is always laser hair surgical procedure 🙂

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Answer by EyeSpy
Target and walmart the two promote generic rogaine products, which price about fifty percent as much as rogaine but operate just as nicely.

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  1. I went to cosmetology school to become a barber… There is something he can us that a doctor will prescribe… YES its costly and he would not be able to have children while on it and one year till he’s off it….. another thing if its the front that is going bald by the upper forehead… It won’t work as a matter a fact nothing will.. It only works for the back part that is balding…. IF you get prego by any means the child will have defects don’t do it!!!

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