Hair decline issue due to the fact of old age?

Concern by iLOVEfur: Hair loss difficulty since of outdated age?
My partner is forty one years aged. I think throughout this age, hair loss is widespread for men? Is there still a way to get his hair back?

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Answer by Lily T
Take in a multivitamin

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  1. Unfortunately, no. Divorce your husband and call me!

  2. kraftyleprecon

    Sorry, there’s no way to re-grow hair. Any one can grow hair, but it takes a REAL man to suck it back in.

  3. dr kate mead

    majority of the cases of hair loss points to the person’s genes as the culprit. your husband may be going through male pattern baldness. check his brothers and other relatives. if they’re experiencing the same thing and your husband still wants to have his hair back, hair transplant may be the best option.
    if it’s not in the family, you may want to check what caused it. stress, poor hair care habits, poor nutrition are a few of the possible causes. for natural cures, i’d like to suggest you check . it has given good descriptions of possible cures.