Hair Decline shampoo, does it perform?

Question by Shopaholic: Hair Reduction shampoo, does it work?
Hi, i am thirteen yrs old, and for the earlier number of months have been experiencing hairloss when i clean my hair!, the medical doctors say it is just component of a normal cycle, in LUSH, a soap retailer there is this shampoo issue that lessens the hair reduction, if any1 has used it, plz can I have some suggestions on whether it operates or not

btw the shampoo is named NEW
thank you for ur answers

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Solution by Ms.
the doctors are proper.. we usually shed about a hundred hairs for each day.. hair shedding is typical.. never tension about this.. seriously.. :o)

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  1. Hair Loss is abig problem shampoos work for awhile but not a permanent solution.

  2. not it will help you bettre



  3. what elements in shampoo can treatment your hair loss is very importent.some include Minoxidil and others,so,you must take notice,to look for manual.
    i will suggest you to looking for this website:

  4. At 13 you are not going to go bald. If you are suffering hair loss its part of the cycle of hair growth. it goes through a shedding phase and then starts growing again. As long as you are using a good shampoo with a neutral pH ( between 5 and 9) you will be ok. You can lose up to a 100 hairs a day without a problem. The article below tells you how to spot a good shampoo from a bad one. Do not go out and buy anything though or change your shampoo, unless there is something drastically wrong with it.

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