hair decline thanks to welbutrin xl query?

Issue by large phil: hair reduction because of to welbutrin xl concern?
i used to just take welbutrin xl but stopped because of to hair decline. i have been off it for 1.5-2 months and some grew back but not alot how lengthy will it just take for it to develop back again fully

i am seventeen and have no history of male sample baldness on my dads side so its not normal hair loss
it is a facet influence transpires to a very little margin of individuals who take it
i intended mothers facet
i am psitive you could all search it up im not retarded

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Truly, male baldness is inherited from mom, not from father. If your mother has a brother and he is bald or if her father is bald then you have all the factors to fret. But if you are seventeen you’re way too young to go bald in any case.

Get vitamins. Esp. B intricate and vitamin A.

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  1. babygurl82

    Side effects for welbutrin xl do not include hair loss. Which means either you mothers side has a male pattern baldness trait, or you need to do reasearch/call 1-800-FDA-1088 to report/check about this side effect. Other wise I am more then sure that your hair will grow back within a few months. Talk to your mom and see if there is a baldness trait on her side. Also check the FDA website or call the number and see if anyone else has reported hair loss, or if it is just you.

    oh and hair is made out of protien =] try getting more of that…viimins and stuff.

  2. i take welbutrin xl now and i have never heard of that side effect. are you sure its not your moms side?