Hair falling out because of to dandruff “rash”?

Question by : Hair falling out due to dandruff “rash”?
my hair has been shedding considering that september 2009. at first i didn’t fear a lot, it was only coming out in the again, but shortly “regardless of what” that is on my scalp rapidly coated my complete scalp. i began observing a skin doctor a number of months later on since my hair started finding a little bit thin. i was told my hair drop was falling out simply because of my dandruff difficulty that designed a “rash” on my scalp. the dermatologist gave me ketaconazole shampoo and lotion to use to my scalp two times a week. following using the goods for five months i observed i my dandruff was completely gone but my hair was nonetheless acquiring thinner and thinnner just about daily. close to mid august i grew to become pretty disappointed with my issue and accidently utilized also significantly ketaconazole shampoo on my hair which resulted in having a bad allergic response. i began finding a red rash on the back again of my neck and black dots covering the edges of my whole scalp, a handful of days later i was capable to see my dermatologist and whilst i was there i was informed my issue experienced gotten “much better”. from september 2010 up untill now i have been on anti-fungal drugs (that havent labored) and dermasmoothe (which appeared to make a lot more hair drop out to this day). i have experimented with utilizing tea- tree oil shampoo’s on my scalp but all that scrubbing only makes even more of my hair fall out, so i have discontinued washing it. i’ve also attempted pouring apple cider vinegar blended with some essential oils on my scalp but it did not support me one particular little bit. presently im not making use of or taking everything for my scalp, i do not brush or comb it anymore and leave it up in bobby pins that has tangled it….ALOT.i haven’t presented up on restoring overall health again to my scalp….its just that im not certain what to do at this point. i have discovered that “little one hair” would increase again all around the edges of my scalp, but soon fall out. when my dermatologist noticed this
two months back he said it had gotten “much better” again, but i disagree. i have just lately discontinued seeing that skin doctor simply because i merely felt like a guinea pig. everytime i experienced gone in there he instructed me something diverse in regards to my scalp. (alopecia, scalp psoriasis,and so forth) and that
just still left me baffled and even more concerned. none of my inquiries were ever immediately answered
and even even though the “patches” on my scalp ended up increasing, he nevertheless experienced claimed it
had gotten “greater”, which frustrated me drastically. on the fourteenth of december i’ll be observing a new dermatologist, hopefully he’ll study my scalp a lot more and run much more checks as opposed to the previous a single did. i genuinely never have considerably patience still left, i never really want to reduce the rest of my hair off or go bald. my hair is still a little bit thick, but i don’t know how long it will be like this. I’m even now certain its a rash thats not becoming dealt with correctly…..any opinions. ?

*sorry for any typo’s, im quite distressed about this.

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fuck i aintt examining this shit..wasss mistaken w you.

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