Hair Falls Out ALOT :/?

Query by Shawn: Hair Falls Out ALOT :/?
Hey men, need some help here. I invested a great number of several hours on the internet striving to find some responses. Some folks say they shed up to 100 a day whilst other individuals say they get rid of like twenty in a week. Im twenty a long time previous and this is the 1st time i grew out my hair so this is very new to me. When i used to shave my head, i in no way lost any hair (i consider) but now that my hair is about 4.5 inches extended (about 4.5 inches all all around. started from a shaved head so im assuming it grew evenly). In any case, I drop the MOST hair in the shower. Each and every time i shampoo, hair will come out. It doesnt appear out in CLUMPS but it even now comes out at a higher fee. When i slumber, not so a lot. I dont wake up with hair on my pillow, if i do, its only five-6 so its only the shower that kills me.

For illustration, i took a shower nowadays at 7PM and i misplaced give or get a hundred and forty (i stopped counting at 140). If i experienced to get a guess, i dropped probably higher a hundred or reduced 200’s. Get in account that I haven’t taken a shower since Monday afternoon.

My hair is nevertheless growing, its acquiring for a longer time daily. It will not Look or Appear like im likely bald in any spot but the sheer number of hairs slipping out sales opportunities me to fear that im balding quite quickly. The hairs i get rid of are at times long and often modest. Wtf is mistaken with me. It cannot be my diet program, im eating nicely, im on some organic meds but the doc who makes it suggests hair decline is not a consequence. is just normal with extended hair?

(sorry for gross hair wall photographs)
oh yeah, i use little ones shampoo result in i heard thats significantly less harsh. I also appear once soon after i shower and at night. i dont pull my hair and so forth etc. in other words and phrases, i take care of my hair properly.

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  1. it is natural for your hair to shed. your hair also has times when it may shed more or less than normal. this should pass eventually.

  2. Oh man same thing happens to me.. my only advice is that don’t use very hot water on your hair and change to diff shampoo “maybe the anti-dandruff one” or “shampoo with aloevera”.

  3. rahh rawr

    Gross, go to a doctor? But your hair goes through like cycles! Sometimes you loose more hair and sometimes you loose less hair. You loose hair everyday, but thats because you grow it too

  4. Jackie Martinez

    hmm i think i know why your hair falls out it may be because you dont drink enough MILK!
    and that makes it fall out
    if by 3 months it doesnt work see a specialist!

  5. HybridSone

    Ah that seems to be a lot of hair. Maybe you should go see a doctor? Between the months of November and December We lose more hair because are hair has a cycle and its starting over kind of like a dog. We have over 100,000 hairs on are head. You know that worrying about your hair falling out can make your hair fallout more. Also people with thin hair lose more hairs then people that have thicker hair.

    ADD:I was also thinking the same thing that I was going to go bald then I realized it had to do with the season such as time of year and that I was just trippen

  6. *

    go to the doctor & tell him everything you’ve said here, you might be low in iron or something. goodluck xx.

  7. lecakebox

    First off- take a deep breath. This is normal. Your scalp is just adjusting to the weight and growth from being ‘ bald ‘ for so long. The longer your hair gets, the more you will, well, shed. Once your hair gets to a length that you want it it will stop coming out as much and your body will re adjust. Your scalp is probably just in a semi- state of shock. 🙂 It’s going to be okay!

    Sally’s beauty offers a line called Follicure that is usually used by cancer/chemo patients to help regrow their hair, or to make hair thicker in general- and I swear by it! I keep suggesting it to people on here because it is so wonderful ( and cheap!). I used the shampoo and conditioner as well as a weekly vitamin hair masque. I’m pretty sure you can order it online directly from as well if there is not one near you.

    Also, I wouldn’t dye or bleach your hair until you get it to the length you were aiming for. This will make your hair fall out more since you are damaging your hair if you do decide too. Hope this helps!