Hair loss avoidance/reversal…?

Query by T.M.Riddle: Hair reduction avoidance/reversal…?
Hello all!

I’m a youthful Indian woman with very straight, reasonably thin hair (a common pony tail holder can fit all around my ponytail thrice). I just lately minimize eight inches off of my hair it currently reaches to an inch underneath my bra line. 🙂

Till I was twelve, I always had very (Extremely) thick, gorgeous hair, and I often held it extremely prolonged. Nevertheless, it has been slowly thinning given that then.

I have noticed that taking a number of B vitamins/iron supplements assists with hair regrowth. Is it feasible to restore my hair to its authentic thickness? Do you have any recommendations of topical therapies for my hair/scalp (conditioners, tonics, shampoo, something, truly…), or dietary supplements? How should I go about stimulating hair regrowth in my scalp?


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Solution by Mandy
1.get omega three health supplements.
2.rub your scalp with garlic cloves this should promote hair progress.
3.rub your scalp and hair with olive oil,wrap with a warm towel for an hour or overnight and this really should help your hair grow thick and wholesome. require to take in proteins like eggs,yoghurt,mil,salmon,sardines .
5.use pure Argan oil as a hair serum.

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