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Concern by fgb786: hair reduction assist?
in my family members the gents have a hair reduction problem. my dad, and my two uncles all have bald spots in the middle of their head the place the best and back of their heads fulfill. even so some gents in my family members did not knowledge this. my dad and mom explain to me that i am receiving a bald place at the exact same spot as my father and uncles. i am only 15yrs previous and do not want to have a bald place, not now and not when i am like 42 possibly. so is there any way other than like laser surgical procedure or hair growth formulation for me to expand my hair back again. and i also get rid of a whole lot of hair when i brush my hair. my hair is not extended or brief it is regular size. so support me make sure you

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Answer by bborR
i say slap on the rogain and pray… other than that ur hair is accomplished, get use to the new balding you 😀

… or increase it and get a weave )

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  1. Food rich in vitamin A, B, C, E, K, magnesium and zinc are important for healthy hair and also prevents hair loss. Hair is made up mostly of protein so a protein rich food is also recommended. Check out for more info.

  2. Mukunda M

    My immediate male relatives, father and two younger brothers suffered severe hair loss. I know this treatment saved me from same fate. It’s NATURAL, safe, and truly stops loss almost straight away and has helped others on ANSWERS.(can send you info.) It also forces new growth. Massage thoroughly with olive or any natural oil – then brush vigorously using a palm held brush with short natural boar bristles – soft bristled for fine straight hair and stiff bristled for thicker non straight hair- so you really feel it stimulating scalp – 90 /100 strokes at beginning building up to more – each day, focusing on where loss is. Will heal scalp and unplug blocked hair ducts that sometimes cause loss – they are the painful small itching spots. A little shedding and breakage may occur at first but quickly stops as brushing makes hair stronger and better anchored. It will grow fast, thicker and It will force the new growth. Initially new hairs will be weak looking and sparse. Don’t be concerned if brushing uproots them as they will re-appear even stronger. My hair has completely regrown on crown. Where receded at front regrowth was slower and sparse at first then each month it became denser. It demands perseverance week in, week out to get the same results.
    Thinning and loss can be caused by many shampoos – particularly anti dandruff ones – and hair products that contain countless hair, scalp and even health harming harsh and toxic ingredients. Washing hair too frequently is another cause – removes beneficial natural oils and contributes to loss. Find “Non harmful shampoos, etc” with Google searches. Some will come up and be expensive or only available on-line so refine search by adding “low cost” and “available in stores” Find in GNC ,Trader Joes, Some Walmart Stores, Cost Plus, Wegmans, Earth Fare, natural & health foods stores.
    I Have had feed back from someone who has had even more success using treatment. His has substantially regrown in just 6 months.
    Wish you the best.

    SOURCE(S): 20+ years research, self experimentation using natural treatments for hair loss, regrowth and cures of skin, scalp and hair disorders.